Makeup Look for Dewy Glass Skin Makeup

Makeup Look for Dewy Glass Skin Makeup

 Introduction and Makeup Concept

Hello, Beautiful Souls! Join me, Jessica, on today’s journey as we delve into the secrets of achieving a radiant dewy glass skin makeup look. I’ll also be attempting the elusive wet hair look—any tips you have are more than welcome! This glam session is in collaboration with Medicube, adding an extra touch of magic to our routine. Ready to transform? Let’s dive in!

 Skin Prep with Medicube Booster-H

Our canvas for this radiant look begins with thorough skin preparation. I’ve been experimenting with replacing primers with serums, and today, I’m featuring the viral Medicube Booster-H device. This beauty-tech marvel enhances radiance by creating temporary passageways for better product absorption. Join me as I demonstrate its application and share some valuable tips.

 SPF and Foundation

Now that our skin is prepped to perfection, it’s time to build the base. I’ll guide you through my favorite SPF application method and introduce a new cushion foundation from CLIO. Let’s achieve that flawless canvas for our glass skin masterpiece.

 Wet Makeup Look

Shifting our focus to the eyes, today’s goal is a mesmerizing wet makeup look. Using the Flower Knows palette, I’ll guide you through contouring techniques and share secrets for achieving that enchanting gaze. From shimmer liners to individual lashes, let’s make those eyes pop!

 Sculpting the Face

 As we move on to sculpting our features, witness the transformation of brows into a subtle upturned arch. Explore cream contouring with Fenty Beauty and the magic of Em Cosmetics’ So Soft Blush in “Chiffon.” Plus, catch some thoughts on a recent TikTok drama surrounding brand trips.

 Lips, Gloss, and the Final Glow

To complete our glass skin masterpiece, we’ll explore creating pouty lips, adding a touch of gloss, and embracing the magic of face gloss. Watch as I share my favorite products, including the Pat McGrath Skin Fetish Highlighter & Balm Duo. The final look is here—dewy, radiant, and ready to slay!

Thank you for joining me on this makeup adventure. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe! Special thanks to Medicube for making this glam session possible. All the details are in the description box below. Until next time, stay beautiful! 💖


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