5 Easy Steps To Flawless Foundation: CHANEL Makeup Tutorial

5 Easy Steps To Flawless Foundation: CHANEL Makeup Tutorial

Effortless Beauty

 So this is the “Tatler’s Schools Guide”  to really simple makeup,  and I’m starting with Hannah  who is so beautiful and I love her to pieces.  Just foundation on this gorgeous face.  Just so you learn how to put on foundation  really easily and quickly in the morning.  [gentle upbeat music]  ♪ Ooh-ooh ♪  – I’m gonna start with toning.  This will remove any residue of your cleansing process  and get you ready for the moisturizer  before you put the foundation on.  Then use the Camellia Water,  which is a really lovely light cream.  I’m just gonna massage this into Hannah’s face.  And I love to give a bit of a massage,  I think it’s so nice.  ♪ It’s hard to feel you closer in this space ♪  – There we go.  So now the skin is now prepped.  So now what we’re gonna find, the right color foundation. 

Chic Simplicity

  Taking it down just a little bit down the neck.  This is the one process in your makeup  I do not want you to rush.  I really want you to spend the time,  be very, very, very thorough in putting on the foundation  ’cause this is the most important thing  for the entire makeup look.  If your foundation is good, your makeup will be good.  Knocking it under,  going up on the forehead  on Hannah’s beautiful skin.  Taking it into the hairline always.  Make sure you go into the hairline. 

Timeless Elegance

I’m just gonna massage this in gently.  By the way, okay, I wanna tell you something.  This finger is too strong for makeup.  This is too weak.  So these two, your creative fingers, you can use either one.  ♪ In the middle of the town ♪  – And the other side.  Knock it in.  [gentle upbeat music]  You can see how it just lifts the eye out here,  just a weeny, weeny bit.  That’s the foundation done.  So I’m just giving Hannah just a tiny bit  of neutral lipstick.  ♪ Simply take me to your arms ♪  – Rub, darli then very gently on the cheekbone.  [gentle upbeat music]  Further back on the cheekbone  and back into the hairline, on the cheekbone.  [gentle upbeat music]  Let me see if it’s even.  There you go.  And into the hairline at the back.  There we go, sweeping it back and forth now.


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